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I, uh, don't think anyone active in the community these days is in the kind of mindset where a "friendly Muslim ambiance" will be an automatic jump to "terrorism is going to happen in this addon". I certainly wouldn't have a problem with it.

For others who might not know, the source image is probably from one of Mafiascum's guides on Mafia roles. I'd say not to take it too seriously given how much Mafia is a parody of real life and further how much those illustrations are intended to convey a general idea of the role with as little effort as possible rather than providing a completely accurate depiction of the term as it's known in the real world. Sure, there's other ways to convey the idea of a "Terrorist" role (this isn't even a common role) in 30 seconds worth of vector art, but this is the one the artist went with at the time.
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