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Default Loop hole check

This isn't a RP, but an attempt to iron out rules for one that I intend to do later. I could do a small version of it here as well if there is interest.

A scientist creates JUDY, a new language of thought and mind, and creates a machine that translates those thoughts into action. To screen out abuse and meglomania, he creates the following rules. Then he invites a group of uninfluential people. The machine is located in Wittenburg, and the proximity to CMA headquarters makes access to firearms and the black market virtually impossible. An anonymous party, signing off as "The man with the white shadow"
sends notes to the members declaring his belief that the JUDY program is of much more import than its childish physical abilities. He also claims that because it makes the theory of free will into a mockery , he will consider it his enemy. If asked to expose his identity or remotely hinder him. the machine will object under rule 8. All player roles are general, except for the creator of the machine, and an undercover agent. The agent stopped a doomsday device using hints left by "whiteshadow" and has a one-way radio to contact him, although he only receives info himself irregularly and doesn't even know the other's voice, he is told simply to investigate a lead to the whereabouts of Judy, "enemy of free will", although he does not know that this is the nickname that the scientist gives the machine. No obligation toward any moral choices are given to anyone however. The scientist gets to know for certain that all other characters have no connections (despite any claims, although his info on the agent is bogus), that Judy is the name of the machine and the "science" behind its operation. He does not have the ability to sabotage the machine, and has invited the others and shared the rules pre-game. The agent, and scientist are allowed to withhold or share their info (publicly) at any time. Whiteshadow's NPC role will be more energetic if certain actions are taken by the players.

The Wishing Game

1. A person must be a member to make a wish.
2. All current members must be in the room at the time of a wish.
3. Wishes are granted when 2 members leave the room and they cannot take place at a specified past or future time.
4. If a conflicting wish is made neither will come true when 2 members leave the room, even if those two only support one of them.
5. Membership is lost when a member is unable to recognize other memberís wishes
6. If a member is killed by another member, they can make a single wish without needing the other members in the room or the need for the need for two people to leave if they are in it.
7.This machine will upgrade its capabilities if it cannot fulfill a wish.
8. No wish can inhibit this machineís abilities
9.New members are admitted by assent of one half the current members.
10. If two or more members are killed within the span of a single wish, then the next non-member to enter the room will become a member.
11. This machine cannot affect time travel or memories.
12. A new member receives the benefit of rule five even if the murder took place while they were a non-member.
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