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Post Why you SHOULD NOT scam in Growtopia!!!

Hi, Vampire here! *Wampaire is my Growtopia name*.

And i wanna say 10 things why you SHOULD NOT scam!!

1. You hurt other people feelings alot! Even Growtopia is a game, Both rich and poor players feelings gets hurt when you scam them!

2. You will be banned! This ban takes about to 2-18 days! Even a whole month! And you will be added on Scammers list! *I know that because i complete RULESRUN everyday.*

3. Growtopia is not fun then! You have to work hard on your stuff! If you scam, Growtopia is NOT FUN TO YOU OR PEOPLE WHO GET SCAMMED!!

4. You loose your reputation! People will start avoiding you and as i said, You will loose your reputation! Growtopia is not fun without friends!

5. You will get not get popular if you scam, these players are popular because they helps people and are NOT scammers: EasyE, pcats, Rubie, Moderators/Developers, and some other players! None of those players are scammers!

6. You start betraying your friends! Yep, it is true! One of my friends was scammer, i did not know it. He griefed my world and scammed me . World name for proof: SUIKKANENSHOP.

7. You will be mean person. You start saying bad things and other bad stuff that you could not even imagine before! If you start scamming wich is mean thing to do, It will stay in your heart and maybe never get out! Only thing to fix that is being nice to others and stop scamming!

8. You maybe start stealing stuff in REAL LIFE! Growtopia is real life socializing, and if you scam/steal other peoples stuff you might start stealing in real life! DON'T SCAM!!

9. If you do scam, you will regret it in some part of your life! Even Growtopia is a game, as i said it is real life Socializing, you start really regreting it. It is just matter of time!

10. Do not Scam!

If you read all of this text you never scam again or never start scamming! Note: This was written to only those people who does illegal things in Growtopia! ''Do /rules to see the rules!'' Have fun playing and be safe!


This message is also in rtsoft forums! my name in there is ''ParkourDevil''.

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