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Default Re: Help with Multiple Monitors on an all-in-one

Originally Posted by Boneheads View Post
The problem here is that it isn't detecting the second monitor.

Oh, yes. Somehow, I overlooked what you typed in the original post. See, it's hard for me to diagnose a problem just from words. Perhaps I'll have to make several other suggestions:
  • Try using a different VGA cable.
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the monitor while the computer is on.
  • If that doesn't work, turn off the computer before disconnecting and reconnecting the monitor, and turn the computer back on afterwards.
  • Does your computer have an HDMI port? If so, buy an HDMI to VGA converter. Make sure to look for one that will work; check the reviews!
If it doesn't work out for you, all I can assume from the information you've provided is that your computer's VGA port may be defective. Perhaps one possible cause for the VGA port being defunct is static discharge. Do you use the computer as an object for discharging static electricity buildup? If so, it's not a good idea. It can affect components in your computer.
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