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Default Welcome to teh debate's thread

So hers how it will work I will give two people a topic/item you have to say why your reasoning makes more sence or more interesting ok

So topic for player number one:
Why veggies are better than meats

Topic for player number two:
Why meats are better than veggies

Please sign up and I will be awarding points for good reasoning
1. No double posting/posting out of turn
2. No verbal abusment
3. No bribes alowed (well I mean you can bribe me with 1k+ Ham cash but that's becouse that's $10)
4. No cyber bullying
5. No correcting grammar/spelling to look smart
6. Normal hamumu rules
7. No big chat (small chat allowed)
8. Last but defiantly not least HAVE FUN!!!

Sign up before posting

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