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Default Re: Your first time playing Minecraft?

First time I ever played was when I was 9 I was very confused as to what to do So I got some sponge and started placing it in the water I thought "WOW this stuff is cool"
So I started playing a sky base at the time I never knew there was multiplayer or even a survive aspect (maybe becouse there wasn't one?) so my brother was like dude it's all for 10 bucks and I was like woah and then he downloaded me hacks and I could fly I was like the coolest guy on every server I could no-clip and do tons of hacks I got on YouTube and was watching YouTube videos of how to grief entire worlds bye hacking in some water so I was trying to do that but then the most terrible thing happened (the new minecraft came out (survivle)) or otherwise it was good for servers anyways and then I went back into my shell of playing single player I had no idea there were survivle servers I thought servers had disapeared and now I have been playing on the icecreamsandwich server ^o^ great community the owner entrusted me with modship and then it went downhill we went from 20players to barely 2-3 other mods were abusing there power and yet the good person has to take the punishment (me)
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