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Default Re: Welcome to teh debate's thread

So topic for player number one:
Why veggies are better than meats?
Veggies are better than meats because they are more of a renewable food. Lets take two dishes as an example, Stuffed Peppers, and the Salad. Veggies take less time than meat, from a few weeks to a couple of months, and they don't require too many hard to get resources. Some veggies can be eaten straight from the harvest, while with meats, you have to cure or cook them before they can become edible. Another problem with meat providing animals, is that you have to expend more resources, you have to have food to feed them, much more water, more closed shelter, and a much more sturdy fenced area to make sure they don't escape, not to mention how long it will take before they are mature enough for meat. Veggies don't always have to be what most Anglos consider, a vegetarian diet, they can widely vary from different cultures and certainly don't have to be the usual boiled stuff. One last thing is that you don't have to worry so much about Ecoli, salmonella, etc...
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