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Default Re: Welcome to teh debate's thread

Originally Posted by FlatOutLie View Post
Topic for player number two:
Why meats are better than veggie
(i get the idea i need to address the chair and stuff here but Ill go for the more informal approach and get right into it)

Hello all. Imma convince you that meats are better than veges. Firstly, meat is the best way to solve the humanitarian hunger crisis the world is in today. While vegetables require specific soil pH levels, regular watering and care, which can be a drain on resources, not to mention borderline impossible for some improvised African nations that experience little rainfall, animals are a versatile and hardy type. In africa, for example, the goat is an excellent source of meat. Goats can eat a variety of foods to sustain themselves and are herd animals, meaning they will tend to hang around shepherds and stock managers, eliminating the need for a fence. However, the main reason meat trumps vegetable is that animals have the ability to infinity reproduce with little human input. A herd of goats can sustain a village forever with the proper care, which I have already pointed out, is minimal. The ability for meat to end the starvation crisis is unmatched and cannot be beaten by vegetables.

However, the benefits of meat do not stop here. Meat serves as an excellent source of protein, which support ammino acids which in turn result in a strong immune system. Protein also promotes tissue growth. In addition, meat contains iron, zinc and selenium, vital nutrients for the human body. Vitamins A, B and D are also found in meat.

And who can ignore the wonderful taste of meat. There is a reason people eat less vegetables these days - meat is just so yum. From a medium rare steak to an expertly cooked chicken, meat just tastes so good. Why eat veg when you can eat meat?

However, we cannot end this argument without tyaking a look at our Lord and Savior. Bacon. Bacon > Everything. This is a proven mathematical fact. How can you pretend to justify the rule of lord vegetable when Bacon tastes so good? And Bacon is a meat.
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