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Default Slenderman's Shadow - Slender: The Arrival - Haunt - ADVICE ON THESE GAMES

Slenderman's Shadow - Waste of money, do not get this (EXTREMELY GLITCHY, SLENDER MAN GETS STUCK IN THE MANSION LEVEL).

Slender: The Arrival - This is a good game, but it is very short, it has great graphics too!

Haunt - This game is in development, if you haven't learned it yet, I will tell you now that it is not a good idea to buy something when it is still in development, in other words at the moment do not get this game.

That is my advice for all three games.
Slenderman's Shadow - Not Recommended
Slender: The Arrival - Recommended
Haunt - Not Recommended (if it stays how it is {all glitchy}, I don't think it is a good idea to get it)
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