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Default Re: What Laptop Would You Recommend?

General advice for any make of laptop

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Go to control panel > then system and security> power options> change plan settings>advanced power options

Then make sure everything is set to maximum performance, not balanced and definately not maximum power save mode. Mainly graphics and multimedia. This applies to all existing and future things, unlike a firewall drop .

General advice for any computer

Go to computer>right click> Properties> advanced system settings (some computers its an advanced tab under system properties)>performance settings>advanced tab>vitrual memory

Virtual memory adds to your RAM, by default, it doesn't do much. However you can add more for whatever the amount of unused space on your hard drive is. When changing virtual memory, make sure you set the minimum and maximum values to the same number. Effects are biggest for multiplying your default virtual memory (near or at your GB size) by 1.5. Additional virtual memory can help, but isn't as major of an improvement (instead of an extra working GB for each 1024 you get like 1/5 of a GB, which takes up space you will probably want.)

This will turn a 6 GB computer into a 9 GB with still 11/12 of its hard drive space, and works equally well with more powerful machines.
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