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Default Re: Random Discussion #1: Ambition and Activities!

I think people have a limited supply of ambition. You can only get so far with your ideas and activities until you crash and are completely tired. No one can have an unlimited supply of ambition, certain things require certain skills/mindsets and time always dangles before everyone.

I don't spend much time at school, since I am home schooled, but I have learned more, I would say I put 20% of my time into learning, 10% of my time into reading, 30% of my time finishing up worlds and working on my dream game, 10% of my time wandering my house and listening in to my parent's conversations, 20% of my time playing and talking to friends about certain topics such as Virtual Stealing and Justification (And other topics), and the last 10% doing household chores. This may be incorrect as I may be missing a few things, nothing is ever perfect, so don't take this chart too much to your heart as to be true.

As for needs and wants, I am not sure how to answer that.
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