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Default Halloween Horror 15 - Suggest Names

Hi everyone, it's time to suggest names for Halloween Horror 15! Since I am here, I added an extra rule just to experiment with.

The rules are (sort-of) simple:
  1. Post your name ideas here in this thread.
  2. Any forum member may submit names; you don't have to be a builder or even care about Dr. Lunatic.
  3. 6 names per person maximum.
  4. One post per person. You can update your names later, but edit your post to do it, don't post again.
  5. Deadline is September 24th, 2014. Since I have been burned on this one myself, I will include a time. That time is 3:00 p.m. GMT + 8. Names added after that time or even edits made after that time will not be considered. So try not to wait until the last minute. At that time on that day, I'll gather up the all the names and forum members will be able to vote for their favorites!
  6. Any name that ends up chosen earns its original submitter 10 YB.
  7. If two people submit the same name for some reason, it 'belongs' to whoever did it first.
  8. NO POSTS EXCEPT NAME IDEAS IN THIS THREAD!! If you want to discuss the names, do it in another thread, please. This also means that you can't add any extra little comments after the names, like suggestions on what should be built. What is built will be entirely up to the individual builders, and it's more fun if the levels are all different, so we don't want them all building off of the same idea anyway.
  9. Names can't be longer than 30 characters, including spaces.
  10. Remember, people are going to be using these names to build levels. Try to suggest names that will give our builders lots of ideas.
  11. Try not to suggest names which go along the lines of Costume Party or Mummies, try to think of something more freshening or meaningful. Remember that a lot more can be done with Supreme now with the new version.
  12. You can't use any names that have ever been used for any previous world pack. We've already seen people's interpretations of those and it isn't reasonable to expect the builders to come up with another idea for the same names.
So ponder and suggest away! You have plenty of time before this thread closes, look up articles about the Celts, go beyond the frontier!

*If you really can't think of anything fresh or meaningful, then you are allowed to exempt Rule 11, but I am leaving it to you to be honest about trying.
**General names discussion thread is over here:

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