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Default Basically, Horrific Environments!

Costume Party Level Contest!
What could be more Halloweeny than Costume Party? Why, the Costume Party level you are about to build, of course!

* Begin your level name with "BHE5:" so we know it's for the contest.

* The theme for this contest is "Haunted House". Other than following that theme, you are free to do anything you want, and use any Packs you want!

* Enter up to 3 levels, and your best-rated (highest Awesomeness in-game) one will be entered in the contest.

* On Oct 24th, a poll will be put up for people to vote on their favorite. Please rate the levels in Costume Party as normal, it won't affect the contest! The prizes will be 50YB for first place, 25YB for second, and 10YB for third.

* The winner will be crowned on October 29th!

Copy pasta'd from the '11 contest. Go forth and make levels!
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