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Default Putting The Hamumu Forum Back In It's Roots

Over the past few months the forum has been very opposed to new ideas or even opinions, one person comes up with a new rule idea for HH15, and everyone is opposed by it and throws hostile sarcasms. I am not trying to excuse myself, I admit that I have been on the rough side and certainly some of my sentences were hostile, but that's the problem, Hamumu Software is becoming everyday more distant from it's core. If someone suggests an idea or posts an opinion that strongly opposes other people, that post would get taken apart and shown all it's wrongs and nothing will be acknowledged. What happened to the friendly environment? I am not trying to say that criticism is wrong, but not even trying to see a post from a different angle, or finding something valuable in it? Huge community or no community, everyone deserves a second glance.

With worlds, I find the view of worlds to not be right! People spend effort and time into them, I think it was very badly organized of Jamul or WTG to keep people in the dark, atleast say that you cannot take in any worlds at the moment, not just keep quiet. There should have been a secondary tester, but there wasn't. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing your content go to waste.

Financial problem or not, people have all the right in the world to make worlds and expect them to get tested, afterall, the Wiki articles are still open, there hasn't been a message closing down the addons page.

Although the ATC was a good idea, it was too late. People probably just lost interest and the people who made worlds such as Pewskeepski and Jordo lost all hope of their worlds ever getting tested.

It's just not right to use the argument, well all sites have to come to an end, right now! Although it's true, if the site is still going and there is nothing said about it coming to an end. Although there is a lack in community, that gives no excuse.

I find that the owner, Mike Hommel, is also becoming more distant from the community of Hamumu Software, there is some hate mail about Growtopia, oh why don't I send it to Solee at GT support so that the person can get a reply simply saying the usual and if he/she doesn't like it, then he/she can just leave.

Whatever happened to taking people's opinions into account? The support is there, and it shouldn't matter how many people there are at a given time in the community.

The Hamumu Forum has fell from it's roots!
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