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Default Multiplayer Chess

I thought I would finally pick up the pace and come here to what I've been meaning to do for the past year now, bring in a new forum game. First I thought I would start off with a simple game of multiplayer chess, spice it up along the way, and even add some unique pieces if anyone allows...
If anyone would like to join, just say sign me up, there is a 4 player slot!
No cheating, if you want to edit your post do it quickly, but don't edit your post after someone made a move after you!
Here is a page on how to play chess:
There is a grid as you can see from the picture below, when you make your move, first find the X axis in which you want your piece to be on, and than the Y axis, (For example: h, , No illegal moves, please play fair!

The first game will begin in one week, in that period of time, four people can sign up, I will just be the game master, at the end of one week, the game will start with or without all the slots filled. I will intervene if there are a lack of players.
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