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I generally agree that it's wrong to show women in such a demeaning way in what is considered to be entertainment, and also to shove them aside when they want to be part of something. Although some may argue that it's just a game, as many people do, a game is a medium of entertainment, and just like movies, it can have influence in the real world.

But than comes the question of "How do we stop this!", Megadog is certainly right about one thing, you can complain but people don't have as much power as we think. One way is to boycott the game or boycott products coming from a game development company, (But that can be rather ineffective as there are still many more people who want to buy the game), or if you can't do anything about it and you are a game developer, just avoid putting anything morally degrading and don't be like those people.

That off to one side, many people say that it shouldn't matter because they are targeting a certain audience, but I say it matters a lot, when you have morally bankrupt content in your "entertainment". Games can have more influence than you think on individuals, and even society.

A popular book, The Theory Of Fun, is on my side.
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