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Default Re: An "Asteroid" With A Signal Coming From It

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
They didn't really show a live feed from the lander... Kept on waiting to see it...

By the way, why do they keep calling it a comet? I mean, it's certainly much bigger then a comet, and it has no tail. It's sort of like an asteroid, but more like a planetoid. Some of the surfaces look really smooth, I think I identified some cliffs and a strange object.

The heck!
It's definitely a comet. Comets only gain tails when they are close to the sun/hot. Right now the comet is far enough away/cold enough that there isn't really a tail.

As for size it's about average. You also aren't ever going to see a live feed: I'm 99.9% sure there isn't a video camera, because that is a huge amount of data to send, and a big power drain. Also keep in mind all tech on the lander is ten years old. Also 30 minute delay, which is like half a billion km. (Mars is different in that it's closer, much newer tech, and battery life is nowhere near as important. )
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