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Default Re: Who says Capitalism...

They're both great systems in theory. Unfortunately theory != reality.

The reality of it is that capitalism is a much easier system to implement in practice. The concept of socialism is that everybody is equal, which is a grand notion, but if you have a socialist nation, how are you going to interact with other nations? You can't have every member of the population go to meet foreign dignitaries. Similarly, you can't poll every single person for every single decision, especially when time is of the essence. Thus, it becomes necessary for somebody (or some body of people) to handle these sorts of things, and suddenly, everybody is no longer equal.

Alternatively, if you don't give that power to somebody, then it becomes nearly impossible to treaty with foreign powers and lawmaking becomes a far more inefficient process, making things much more disorderly.

You also have the concern with socialism that, everybody, even those who don't put in work or put in considerably less work, are considered equal in status to those who do put in time and effort to be productive and successful. In capitalism, in theory, those who put in the work to be successful get rewarded accordingly. Not everyone may be equal, but opportunity more or less is.

I'm certainly not saying that capitalism is a perfect system - such a thing, in reality, doesn't exist, since humans in general are imperfect beings - but historically it's certainly seen better success than most alternatives.

I'd also say it's pretty unfair to generalize capitalist supporters as all being of one particular social class, but that's an argument for a different day.

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