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Default Re: New Source Of Blackmail

Four checks on apps (diary apps or otherwise), being evil.

1. First and least valuable is ratings. Any app that does something this evil is going to have crappy rating assuming it isn't a third party downloaded app. (and if you feel the need to download a diary app from a third party you are probably doing it wrong) It should be noted that ratings whether it is as an official download or not can conceivably be faked, but I felt it was still worth mentioning.
2. Permissions. When you install an app on an android device it lists every possible permission that an app wants access to. If something seems out of place, don't give it those permissions. (I actually prefer Apple's permission management because it asks for permissions as the time takes place that they are needed which means apps can still function, even without the more scary qualities)
3. The way official app stores function: assuming you aren't downloading this app from a third party the app is probably "safe". (depending on your definition of the word) You have to pass several checks to get an app in an official app store. An app ransoming off secrets would have made front page news.
4. The law. Dude that's extortion. It's illegal. I mean it's tricky, as it always in in cases of extortion, but enough attempts someone is going to go to the cops. I think the better lesson here is if whatever you are thinking about can be used as extortion, it probably shouldn't be on your phone at all, or your computer, and certainly not unencrypted.
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