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Default Re: New Source Of Blackmail

Originally Posted by ChessManiac View Post
Certainly Seamonkey would have to admit that there are always levels and degrees to how paranoid a person can be.
I consider healthy paranoia to be more aware of what is happening.
That's not paranoia. Being aware of what's happening, and realizing that government agencies or whatever may be doing some bad stuff is OK - but that's not paranoia. Paranoia is the suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification. For people in the US (and I guess Britain), the Snowden leaks confirm that mass surveillance (albeit surveillance that gains little direct info), is the status quo.

Certainly checking for spy devices in every room you go to would be unhealthy paranoia.
Yeah, I'll buy that - to be fair though I would put this on par with mass embedded hardware for surveillance in motherboards.
Unless you are someone who contradicts a political party, in which case, you will need that paranoia.
I contradict most political parties. Somehow I don't think they care.
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