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Default Socialism Should Stop Being Maligned!

I feel that socialism is being too demonized and used by some people as very stupid and off-topic reasons for flaws in their own system.

Obama is always mentioned as being socialist, but if he was socialist, then that should mean that the whole USA should follow a socialist system, but no, the USA is capitalist, and I personally don't see anything socialist about it.

Before we delve deeper, what is socialism?

Socialism is a system where everyone is equal, wealth is distributed more equally, and the major characteristics are free health care, free education, and sharing of land.

Although socialist countries do not always have what is mentioned in theory, the main skeleton is that it's meant to provide for the people and develop more of a culture which is not so much money oriented.

Some may say that it promotes laziness and incompetence, but you have those anyways in the capitalist system.

Also, with communism, you can't say that people will immediately turn to laziness. There are many factors which contribute to peoples activity.

Although there were leaders such as Stalin as always mentioned every time there is a conversation about socialism/communism, they are the people, how about the system?

The system says no such thing as having to kill people for the greater good, while socialism has failed continuously, has anyone wondered the question "why".

There are other socialist states than infamous China, Germany, and supposedly infamous Russia.

Vietnam wanted to be socialist, but suddenly, the USA declared a police action onto it.
And so is the case with a few others.

I am not going to provide any sources as I think anyone should be able to find it.

I am saying this because I am really mad at those people who keep on using socialism/communism as an excuse for the flaws in their own system.

A successful socialist state which I found was Uruguay.

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