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Default WIFI Is Not Safe

Hello, I thought I would share this health concern with you guys since many of us today are using WIFI. *This is not some ridiculous ad which tries to get you to buy Ethernet cables, that would just be stupid and I think I am above that, in this case, I firmly believe that this Wireless way of internet is not safe and going back to Ethernet may be rewarding in many more ways than you think.*

I have recently discovered a few articles claiming that WIFI is not safe for long term use.

WIFI works be emitting Radiowaves or some people call them Microwaves to various devices. Am I not right?

This already sounds dangerous as Mobile Phones use Radiowaves, and we already had several studies of it's problems. So the waves it's emitting can definitely be considered dangerous over long term usage without a question.

The second problem that arises is that companies who make these routers/modems which have WIFI rarely care about people's safety. Although the world has generally advanced with technology, ethics is a different kettle of fish.

While some companies/corporations claim all this goody goody stuff about how they care about the customers, they are so green to the environment, most of the time, they are simply lying, the bottom line is always money.

The problems WIFI causes are the following:
Disturbs Brain Cell Development
Damages Your Brain
More controversially: Increases Cardiac Stress

These are not just some woo woo cons to scare people, they are real, and they are there.

While Ethernet may seem like a hassle to set up for some people it is certainly better than the damaging effects of WIFI.

Ethernet for one has faster speeds, and can't be intercepted easily.

While you may say, "What's the point, we are always being bombarded with these Radio waves everyday." The point is to limit your exposure from it.

For people who have devices such as Androids or iPads which can't connect to the internet without WIFI, it's not like we are in the 90s, there are several Ethernet adapters for those which can be easily found on the web.
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