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Default Re: Video demo of Absurd Area, LL2 world in progress

Six months is enough of a hiatus, I think. Sorry, but I got a job.
... Annnd I got distracted by another game.

Anyway, I am starting back up on this! Huzzah!
I'm currently polishing off the last pre-underground area. That's right, apart from the Underground, the Castle, and the final levels, this world will be finally finished!

Mind, those will take some time. The Underground, similar to the original, will have larger areas than the rest of the world, and I intend to try and make them each somewhat unique. And then the castle, where I have plans to make it quite fun! At least, I hope so.

In the meantime, now I have to make a set of tunnels with rocks barreling down the straightaways so you have to keep on your toes. Should be a lot of fun for any of y'all who find this secret area!
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