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Default Re: Thomas Edison Wasn't The First To Have Invented The Lightbulb?

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
Just because people are qualified or experts in the field doesn't necessarily mean that they are free of any agendas. These agendas often skew public knowledge.

While some always call me a conspiracy theorist, I strongly believe that certain histories and technologies are being hidden from us.
I'll buy that sometimes qualified people say things that aren't entirely objective (even if those people aren't doing so on purpose), for example it turns out that amicus curie briefs have a tendency to favor the people paying them. Usually though this agenda is pretty easy to see. What possible agenda does anyone have to hide history, especially ancient egyptian history?

Couple more things: first is that peer review checks back any gigantic bias in academia when you want to publish something the paper goes through peer review, wherein what you write is submitted to several other qualified experts (you don't know which ones), and they make sure your theories are fully supported by the evidence/you aren't saying crazy things. Second is that nobody is going to intentionally misrepresent the evidence or results from an experiment. Or approve a paper where the misrepresentation is obvious. If anyone figured that out their academic reputation would be in the garbage and they couldn't do anything in that field ever again.
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