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Default Re: Anyone knows of Web Page blocking software.

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
What I don't get is why you people think of spirit believers as crackpots while people who believe in god are seen as peaceful, moral, and best friends.
Please, do not assume by any means that this is the case. I think people who believe in spirits, or the like, or god, are all equally delusional. I also, however, don't believe we should dictate how other people live their lives. I see no problem with what you sister is doing in the same way that I see no problem in people attending church, or praying. It's ultimately her choice, and you shouldn't actively trying to stop her unless she asks for help, or her actions start hurting other people (Please note, causing people to worry about her doesn't hurt them.)

As for horror movies, they are classified by age group depending almost exclusively on particulars in the content. Visible gore, sexual themes and swearing are the main reason these things earn their ratings.

You have to understand that you ultimately can't change people. She clearly enjoys this, and it doesn't hurt anyone else. The most you should do, if you believe it significantly harms her, is encourage her to stop, and if she doesn't want to, your should leave her be.
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