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Default Re: What's up with Bing?

Originally Posted by darkguyhades View Post
DuckDuckGo is pretty good in terms of privacy, but it tends to give worse results than Google. The Firefox addon is really useful though.
I find that for programming-related topics, DuckDuckGo gives way better results than I was used to with Google before switching (though I'm not sure if this is still true) and generally has better integration with GitHub, StackExchange, and other third-party sites. It's also massively customizable, which is basically my definition of good software.

Originally Posted by .Blue Dwarf. View Post
Does spying on me make the search results worse?
It depends on how you think about "worse". It means it's more likely to give you results that are similar to what you've looked at in the past. This is massively useful in some cases (e.g. if it figures out you're in some technical field and you don't have to include the name of that field in every search for eternity), but it's a problem if you're explicitly trying to find something that isn't aligned to you (e.g. researching a competing political belief) and the algorithm does its best to push it down. Also Google now has a record of your search habits and a bunch of facts about you derived from those habits that they could be sold/leaked/subpoenaed/stolen/NSAd to any of several parties you might not want having such records.

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