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Default Re: Anyone knows of Web Page blocking software.

yeah but in this case REACTOR actually has a point? As much as it's fun to be all idealistic about freedom and all that, we're not talking about an adult here, and sometimes you need to put your foot down. Also, if people are going to ruin their grades, doing it by reading badly written spooky stories is a letdown!?

Anyhow, time to ruin everything and give a serious answer REACTOR's question. (ha ha ha!)

It's probably impossible to cover up that you're blocking websites. If your sister has visited these sites before, she'll probably notice that they've all stopped working at once. Too bad for her I guess, and hey, she shouldn't be destroying her education.

So, the solution. I'd recommend a service called OpenDNS. It's router based, so providing your parents keep their account secure, I find it unlikely that your sister can bypass it. It can be subverted, however I'm not saying how, for obvious reasons. Anyway, the home service is free to use, pretty customizable, fairly comprehensive and orange. It's very orange. Check it out, I guess.

(oh no i provided a solution to a problem. what have I done)
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