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Default Re: Anyone knows of Web Page blocking software.

Originally Posted by Megadog View Post
HyperMe, the point I've been trying to make, is that if she doesn't understand why she shouldn't be doing it, and then it's taken away, she'll likely just find another way to get it. If this is really having detrimental effects on her, and she's not stopping, it may be an addiction, at which point at it might be better to take her to a psychiatrist. She'll only react badly if you remove her stimulus, and eventually, she'll find a way around the block.
what no you haven't. you've been encouraging a complete lack of any action, under the justification of 'she'll stop if it's really bad for her'. no one else was giving a solution, so i provided one, under the assumption that other, less drastic measures had been attempted.

also why are you capitalizing the m in my name? it's clearly a single word!

edit: also 'do nothing until you need a professional' is kind of bad parenting advice. ideally you want to try to solve the problem without having to involve medical intervention if possible. obviously, in some cases this won't work, but sometime it's possible.
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