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Default Re: Anyone knows of Web Page blocking software.

Originally Posted by hyperme View Post
what no you haven't. you've been encouraging a complete lack of any action, under the justification of 'she'll stop if it's really bad for her'. no one else was giving a solution, so i provided one, under the assumption that other, less drastic measures had been attempted.

also why are you capitalizing the m in my name? it's clearly a single word!

edit: also 'do nothing until you need a professional' is kind of bad parenting advice. ideally you want to try to solve the problem without having to involve medical intervention if possible. obviously, in some cases this won't work, but sometime it's possible.
It was what I was trying to get at with my last point, though I can see I was pretty bad at making that clear.

As for your name, I'm not sure why I thought it was two words. Apologies.

And I wasn't encouraging no action, just not direct blocking of things. Encouraging via other means I would be fine with, my qualm is with the censorship. Though I understand that other people have differing opinions on how censorship should be applied, I don't think it's effective or necessary.

Originally Posted by SpaceManiac View Post
On a more useful note, try sitting down and having a serious discussion with your sister. Review questions like: is the habit affecting her grades, or her life in other ways? Is she aware of that? Does she want to fix it? Does she need or want external help? Of course your parents have a right to parent, including blocking websites or whatever else if they decide that's best, but it might help you in your quest to know your sister's perspective better.
This is the kind of thing I would encourage. Making her understand why she shouldn't do it is important, rather than just outright stopping her. (If she really understands what she's doing is wrong, and still continues to do it, then blocking may be the only solution. At that point, use the thing hyperme posted.)
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