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Default Re: Aren't The Nucleon Number And The Mass Number The Same?

Originally Posted by hyperme View Post
Both Protons and Neutron ares are nucleons. Atomic number is how many protons you have, and nucleon number is the total number of protons and neutrons. That means your equation doesn't work.

The point of the exercise may be to check that you know that nucleon count = atomic mass. (Although this isn't technically true due to reasons, at that carbon end of things it's close enough.)
Atomic number isn't mentioned. The numbers CM mentioned are the nucleon number and the mass number (which are the same thing.) The mass number is different than the atomic mass which is annoying. The atomic mass is what megadog was trying to write an equation for, but failed due to counting too many neutrons.
The correct equation of atomic mass of carbon is (Pmass*6 + Nmass*(12 - 6, 13 - 6, 14 - 6))

Some of what I wrote down is a restatement of hyperme's post, but was slightly confusing so I rewrote it.
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