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Default Re: Peppy's Journey!

Book fragments (Early works - No revisions):

"...There were numbers on the note. I couldn’t understand the purpose of these numbers. The numbers read: 45.020197, -69.279356 and below that there was a date, 10/2/2015. below the date was a time, 10:42PM. Dumbfounded, I kept the note in hopes of somehow figuring out the meaning behind this puzzling series of numbers and finding the true reason I received this odd note..." (CHAPTER 1)

"...When I fell asleep, I didn’t stay asleep for very long. A noise woke me up from my slumber. There was a knock at my window and when I looked to see what the knocking came from my jaw dropped..." (CHAPTER 1)

"...Was this a trick? Was I delusional? This had to be my imagination. I ran to a nearby tool shed and there it was, a shovel. Running, I made my way to the grave with the shovel in hand and began rapidly digging... " (CHAPTER 3)

"...Out of nowhere there was a knock on the door. I checked the time and it was 3:29 AM. That was odd, who would be coming here around 3:30 AM? Why was someone knocking on the door this early?..." (CHAPTER 3)

Next spoiler will be revealed after reaching the 100 page milestone.
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