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Default Re: Why are people becoming less and less active?

The thing that brought me to this site was Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese (hereafter referred to as "SwC", for the sake of my fingers). Its core gameplay is a fairly typical action game with well balanced, varied levels. The strengths of the game are exponentially enhanced by having a powerful and usable level editor being embraced by a decently sized community. It was like Half-Life 2 before there was Half-Life 2. In my mind there are two eras of Hamumu: before SwC waned in popularity, and after.

Loonyland 2 (LL2) was a good game, and in it I can see Jamul's enthusiasm for heavily skill based RPGs, but it was the first step away from the golden formula established by SwC. LL2 was not as easy to edit or as varied as SwC, so the real meat of the experience was not user generated. "1,200" levels trumps "50 Quests".

This scope shrink is continues further on through time. I liked the idea of Costume Party, but nobody's talked about it since this post 10 months ago:

Originally Posted by HappyStikBeaver View Post
Well, I made a level. Doesn't look like anyone else did though. Maybe some last minute entries?
Since around the release of Costume Party, the games appearing on Hamumu's website have usually been smaller browser games and LD challenges. There's also Growtopia, but that's irrelevant to the discussion of why these message boards are dead since the main Growtopia discussion forums are on All in all, SwC will always have a special place in my heart as an experience that brings many disparate people together in common appreciation and happiness. I'm Kool Kat bad at summing things up.

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