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Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
Hmm, okay... My other question would be how could he see the sun-spots without going blind? According to this website, he had done several very detailed drawings on different days looking through his telescope:
The link says Galileo made series of drawings of sunspots on the sun. It doesn't mention his telescope or looking through it. It turns out Galileo did use his telescope but didn't look through it directly at the sun. You're right, that would cause damage to your eyes. Instead he apparently used his telescope to project an image of the sun inside his house. I found this info here
It's not entirely clear from the link exactly how he set up the telescope, but it's definitely a thing you can do. (on another note it's entirely possible to make naked eye observations of the sun in cases in which the sun is partially obscured. e.g. clouds or the horizon. This has been happening for literally centuries before Galileo)

Also @flatoutlie: if the info is published by Rice, more often than not the info is legit.
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