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Originally Posted by seamonkey
Oh dude I so disagree.
yeah, you and over a million IMDB users who consider it the greatest movie of all time. Of course, I'm sure only a small percentage of those people have read the book, but from what I've seen of the film it follows along pretty closely.
Originally Posted by seamonkey
If you care, reading some literary theory (marxist theory, some feminism, and perhaps some psychoanalysis would be the most rewarding in this case)
I definitely won't say I'm well-versed in any of these subjects but I have touched on them in a number of classes that I've taken in the past. Currently I'm in sociology (not by my choosing) so I'd say I'm covered at least when it comes to conflict theory and feminism. That being said I do think Palahniuk makes a few very compelling arguments in his work. I would say I understood the majority of what he's getting at throughout the story. The problem for me is his style of writing. With want of a better way of saying it I think it's extraordinarily 'edgy on purpose.' On top of that the author thinks he has to force every stupid figure of speech and attempt at being clever down your throat. If you find subtlety appealing then this is not the book for you. In addition to that my english professor made sure to point out and over-analyze every 'hidden' symbol and theme in the novel. I don't know, it's just not my thing.

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