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Default Re: What are you reading?

The Gathering by Anne Enright. Not as good as Bel Canto, but still a beautifully sympathetic book. I guess it's also depressing.

Right now though, that doesn't matter. Because I'm realizing that I love to read. This is frightening... because I do this every time I read. Why do I forget about this so completely? I've been attending some lectures from a biochemist.. and we've been discussing how the very first time you give a baby sugar, the baby almost literally lights up in shock and awe, and when you get older, sugar is only nice... But I seem to get that every time. I don't know why. The amount I read is still enormous. Even more strangely... before starting the book.. I wasn't worried about it being a chore to start, or looking forward to it. I know it isn't the quality of the book... But today, just for a while, I shone. To the point of scaring (surprising is probably more approaite) someone with how much energy I had after my holiday, and how enthusiastic I was about talking about something objectively dull. I certainty didn't do it for their company.

To me... this is worth describing as love. I haven't had this much passion in years. It feels so wonderful to be doing something for a reason other than resentment or gratitude. Looking at my history... I can predict that the feeling will wear off... What's more,, I'm unceirtain on how I'm supposed to view my life "the rest of the time". Is it just going through the motions? I want to keep thinking about it right now. This is a lot more addictive than any gum. I get up and go about my day everyday, then forget most of it, and don't go out of the way to make anything happen, but after being exposed to something as common as a book, This is more interesting than any superhero movie.
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