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Default Re: Alternatives to DosBox?

Originally Posted by sonicchaos1993 View Post
In my experience, you are far more likely to find malicious software on small, relatively unknown distribution sites than you will on big ones, which generally have more staff and better systems to get rid of any malicious programs posted to their site than small ones without those same resources. No big software distributor will survive for long if their site is being heavily used to spread infections, so they will generally be stricter about enforcing rules and whatnot.

You're far better off avoiding infection by being smart about what you download and watching for installers that try to bundle things on you or sneak in multiple EULAs for several different programs rather than blindly avoiding "big sites" because they're somehow more of a target. With that kind of logic, you might as well just not download anything since you could find any number of reasons as to why any site, no matter its size, might be a "target" for malicious developers.
Okay, I guess so. But I am still not sure, because I've read articles on successful hack attempts made at Sourceforge. But thanks for the link! But then again, I guess I could use a Sandbox application to help with that.

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