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Default REACTOR Tries To Finish An Old Game

I thought I would create a thread as a game development log like what Yourter12 is doing.

Recently, I have decided to focus on an old game project that I originally meant to finish in three days for a Ludum Dare contest themed "Minimalism". Unfortunately, years ago I didn't know any programming but now that I do, the world of game development has opened up to me.

The game I'm working on at the moment is called Paranormal Lunacy. Originally, it was meant to be an exploration game that had gameplay which involved the urban legends of today, such as the tall man in a suit and other supernatural entities. I'm planning for it to still be an exploration game with some puzzles, but I have decided to lay off some of the urban legends as they may make the game too hard-horror heavy.

So far, I have progressed with completing the intro which can be viewed here:
For comparison, the very first version can be seen here:
Edit: I made a mistake with naming the latest video, it was supposed to be 2016 not 2015.
Double Edit: I don't know why the cursor is not showing in the video.

Currently, the music for the title is a placeholder and the sounds still need to be added (I will compose them all by myself, thus this is why the credits say such a thing).

The plot follows the story of a man named Pavel who is a journalist and detective, with a father who has mysteriously disappeared while on a trip in Africa. Being severely underpaid in his career, Pavel decides to buy a ticket across the Mediterranean Sea to solve just one more case before resigning from being a detective - and that is his father's mysterious whereabouts. But along his way, there are supernatural occurrences that may be linked to his father's disappearance.

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