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Default Re: What are you watching?

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
Well, Magnificent Century went downhill after the writer of seasons 1 and 2 died. Now it just seems to be a soup filled with random ingredients.

Currently, my family found new TV shows to watch which are:
*The Arrow
*The Flash
*Foyle's War
*Person Of Interest

We tried to watch the sci-fi series "The Expanse", but the plot was really structured badly or perhaps there was no plot at all. It was like a meandering line that tried to be profound by giving scenes of politics but overall it was pretty meaningless without the proper background or writing.
Arrow and Flash are both fantastic, in my opinion. Stephen Amell is great as Oliver Queen and the fact that Arrow has John Barrowman and Alex Kingston in it pleases the Doctor Who fan in my greatly. Jessica Jones was great as well, if you're into superhero shows and have Netflix, though it's a little darker and it was a bit weird seeing Tennant (who will forever be ingrained in my mind as the Tenth Doctor) in full creepy mind-control villain mode as Kilgrave.

Lately I've been watching Torchwood, in an attempt to fill the void left by US Netflix dropping Doctor Who, and rewatching the original X-Files in preparation for the new series. Prior to the whole "pulling Doctor Who from Netflix" thing, I also took the chance to rewatch all the episodes with River in it in order of her timeline now that the last Christmas special kind of wrapped up her storyline. Things got sad.

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