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Default Re: Is anyone still there? (I feel so old)

Originally Posted by Mr.Onion View Post
So in case anyone was wondering, I'm still alive. I kinda stopped visitng here shortly after I started a degree a few years ago, but I thought I'd come back to see how things are going, since I realized it was my cakeday today. Not that the term "cakeday" existed when I signed up.

After all, a lot changes in eleven years. :P

When I first signed up, I got kinda hooked on the concept of following Jamul's idea and becoming an indie game developer, working for myself and making what I wanted! That... half worked out, in that I went to university to study software engineering and passed with a first. (Highest possible ranking in UK universities) But on the way there, I became an adult and slammed head-first into just how difficult creating anything significantly complex was. Jamul made it look so easy! (And now I appreciate far more how impressive it is that he's kept one company going for 16 years.)

There is something vaguely nostalgic about the days of the Supreme With Cheese and Loonyland, where an internet connection was unnecessary and a powerful level editor was all you needed for a game to be "moddable." These days, if you don't have a script interpreter, you might as well not bother, and that means there's almost no need for any of Hammered's tricks to squeeze as much as she could out of only having 256 bytes of global memory to play with.

But everything's changed so much since then, and now I'm an engineer writing military radar software instead of the games developer I wanted to be. Oops?

See you later.
Could be worse. I studied CompSci wanting to do game development, ended up getting kicked out three semesters in, and ended up doing IT instead.

In a pretty good spot now though. Don't have my degree yet but have much more experience in the industry and more certifications than most people my age which has gotten me some pretty good offers. Interviewing for an IT manager position now and have also been offered to take over one of my old professor's consulting businesses when he retires.

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