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Originally Posted by Mr.Onion View Post
'Sup. I cringe-worthingly remember arguing with you about animal abuse and the Bible. I'm still not an atheist but my views have certainly broadened over the years, and I've learned it's generally not worth arguing on the internet.

Anyway, I got a degree in graphic design and (currently) spend my free time trying to improve my drawing and animation skills (besides browsing the internet and GOG forums). I tinkered with trying to make games but programming never "clicked" with me, and of course the market is so saturated with games anyway. I think I'll stick with drawing and animation; I might try to team up with a programmer to make a freeware game eventually, though.

I still hope Jamul makes another game in his "traditional" style. Shame HPG never got made; those Journal entries gave me dopamine rushes or something, very exciting and fun to be involved and see progress made.

Also, Just Compare the Clocks

EDIT: HPG nostalgia -
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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