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Default Re: Is anyone still there? (I feel so old)

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
By the way, how is writing software for military radars?
The best part of the job is being able to genuinely say, "That's classified."
(But other than the sheer coolness factor, it's much like any other high-integrity enterprise programming job.)

Originally Posted by sonicchaos1993 View Post
Could be worse. I studied CompSci wanting to do game development, ended up getting kicked out three semesters in, and ended up doing IT instead.
Don't worry, it'd have gotten worse. (Although my CS program was in opposition to "applied computing," which meant my course had all the maths and theory modules that weren't strictly necessary.)

Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
'Sup. I cringe-worthingly remember arguing with you about animal abuse and the Bible. I'm still not an atheist but my views have certainly broadened over the years, and I've learned it's generally not worth arguing on the internet.
But how else are you supposed to expand your mind in the first place?

I still hope Jamul makes another game in his "traditional" style. Shame HPG never got made; those Journal entries gave me dopamine rushes or something, very exciting and fun to be involved and see progress made.

Also, Just Compare the Clocks

EDIT: HPG nostalgia -
Where you around for Loonyland 2? When he was building it, Jamul put up a new blog post every days with what he was working on.

(I remember that when it finally came out, I had to borrow my parents credit card to buy it immediately.
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