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Default Re: Is anyone still there? (I feel so old)


I saw this thread a couple of months ago and wasn't sure whether to post, but why not! Especially as there are so many names I'd half-forgotten! Seems like forever ago. Apparently I was still posting in 2011 though? Crazy. And the Pointless Story world still isn't finished. XD

I've bounced around a few different computery jobs with varying degrees of success, by which I mean everything went wrong over and over until I broke. (A temp data entry job that was fine, then a couple of failed attempts at freelancing, and a web dev job that gave me a nervous breakdown which I am just beginning to recover from several years later.) Then I made a game and app that sold very little, along with a bunch of little free games. Finally, I have an online job which is basically the best thing that's ever happened to me, but is top secret. I'm also working on a few game/app projects in whatever spare time I have over, and I'm also a mod in Growtopia which is pretty hectic!

Glad to hear good things from people! And yeah, I think my early posts here are probably so bad that I don't even want to consider rooting through them. Feel free to do that and laugh at me if you're particularly bored though. :P
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