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Post Can We Believe The "Experts"?

Statistics are buzzing all over the internet that behaviourial "experts" have done several studies that show that men with beards are several times more likely to cheat their partners and participate in illegal activities than their clean shaven counterparts.

Is there bias here?

I think yes. What comes to mind when you think of clean shaven men?

The US soldier! Prided with being sharp, clean shaven, reliable, trustworthy, loyal and always ready for duty. It's also interesting how in movies, the steady and hardworking characters are those without beards such as in one of the recent Superman movies where he is clean shaven. Have you also noticed that in Iron Man Tony Stark while a genius is a drunk and a wisecrack; but the curious thing is that he has some facial hair.

It's very interesting that these "official and legit experts" who specialise in the "behavourial sciences" would be pushing such supposedly "true" statistics. I think it's simply bias, similar to sexual and racial discrimination. It's also very provoking that they would come up with such "facts" since the USA is still tied in a war with "Islamic terrorists". As you would notice from being around many Arabs, a lot of them have beards.

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