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Default Re: Can We Believe The "Experts"?

I'll attempt to explain hyperme's comment.

REACTOR this idea is so misguided it's really difficult to know where to begin, or which issue with your thinking to address first. I'll attempt to explain where you've gone wrong, but ultimately I don't know how helpful I'll be.

You seem to have come across a study, one that is presumably reproducible, and decided that the study is an attempt to socially engineer large populations to perceive negatively. For starters you don't provide any evidence that this is true. You just assert it. If you want to make a claim this big you need dozens of citations documenting examples of what you perceive to be true.

You also need to explain your idea in way more detail. Who is doing the social engineering? Why? How? etc. None of these three questions are answered in your original post, and I think answering any one of the three proves that this idea is simply not true.

You also need to think about ways to test your ideas. Presumably you stumbled across a study that was originally posted in an academic journal. This implies that it has been extensively peer reviewed, and thus that it can be trusted. Even if it hasn't been peer reviewed a core tenet of the scientific method is that an experiment is reproducible, providing further more checks against the kind of abuse you allege.

Lastly you should develop your critical thinking skills - literally criticize your own arguments. Spend time thinking about why you might be wrong. It'll help you in the long run.
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