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Default My First Fan Art Entry

An art piece I decided to do to try to earn some awesomeness on my rather stagnant account. I have sent it to Jamul and I am currently waiting for him to carry out an action with it. Having designed it using GIMP, it was made as a tribute to two of my favourite Dr Lunatic Supreme With Cheese addons - Scary Skies and Among The Clouds - as well as the game itself in general. I got my inspiration for this piece from viewing Alan Parsons Project cover art and 1970s movie posters. I think it would certainly go well while listening to the Sirius music track. The picture portrays Bouapha, a hammer and a Xeno Hunter on a metal deck above an ocean in the foreground viewing a collection of flying high-tech edifices (and a squarish Loony Zoomer in between them if you look closely).

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