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Wink Re: Is anyone still there? (I feel so old)

Well, it has certainly been a while since I had last been here, but I have changed along the way. Looking back at my previous posts and what I've said and done, I am very embarsassed and shocked with a great deal of my words. I apologise to everyone, including Jamul - of whom while I do not agree with all of his decisions I can understand his need to live - for my brash and childish comments.

I have also realised that I was wrong about some ideological suggestions. I had once said that it would be stimulating if Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese worlds were more controversial, but in recent times I have rethinked my position. I have seen that in order to be controversial, conventions and quality must come first otherwise many works will end up being like the Social Justice Warrior rampages of today, where shock-value trumps actual art.

In my life, I have been progressing with my academic path well having passed my Foundation Year with distinctions in all of my subjects and having been able to enter my first year at the undergraduate level in the sciences. My foray into game development didn't turn out to come to be, but I feel I am happier with the sciences. There appears to be more interesting opportunities to take.

But I am glad that the forum is back up. I feel that this place is unique in that community members have to expend some effort and thought before posting content. I once roamed about the Ao Oni gaming community, but I found their distribution methods to be anarchic and dangerous, as they would often only post one-liners when advertising their fan-games and expect their audience to download content from shady websites.
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