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Whatever Jamul does, I'll be exited. My one hope is that he starts using the journal more often again. Even if it's just for Halloween movies, game revumus and random thoughts, it's nice to get some insight.

Really the only Hamumu content I haven't cared for is Growtopia. Something about the resource allocation gives me anxiety. I agree with N64 Lord, some of the flash games are as good as anything else. The RWK series, the boys life ones (pearl diving, that tower defense game, Peewee's Nightmare (?) etc.), and Mia's Happy Day are all great games and I woudn't mind seeing more of them in the future. Sadly it seems like the flash games are all broken on Boy's Life now.
I also wish we were back at a point where Costume Party was hugely popular. We're long past the point where I'd hope for an expansion pack but the game proves how great Jamul's platforming abilities are.

Playing through both Loonylands really just made me want more of that story. The whole in-game universe is so compelling, and we were close to getting Tactics which would have been a great expansion on it. Anything set in the Loonyland map would be exciting, whether it's an arcade type or an RPG. Jamul talks about universe originality a lot in the LL2 commentary, and I think that's one of the greatest parts of ALL his games, especially the RPG types.

I'm also thinking back to the daily drawings Jamul did (in 2010 or something) which related to some new, sekrit game he had in mind. It'd be nice to know what happened with those ideas.

Anyways, I'd love to hear some thoughts on new engines, secret/cancelled games, the Loonyland series, or anything that Jamul might consider in the future. What's important is that he does what he wants to do.

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