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Question Anyone on Windows 8/10?

Remember those so-called "color problems" that were on Vista/7? Yeah, for some reason...

Windows 8/10 doesn't have those problems. Instead, there are these framerate problems, and sometimes, if you try to minimize the game, the screen will appear messed up once you unminimize it.

Sometimes, speaking of those error problems, depending on the fatality of the crashes and corrupted save files or whatever the heck is going on, you'll end up bricking the game and having to reinstall it. Ouch... There's even a tenacity where if the game tries to load a video, it "for some reason" will crash the game.

Oh, and by the way, the "brick" problem doesn't always affect all of these games. Oh, and speaking of Amazin' SPISPOPD... Won't you believe, that the version/demo you can download, was a MORE recent version of that game. Yeah, some Youtuber had a old version or whatever. I can post the link via Wombatt:

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