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Thumbs up Re: Speedy Blupi (aka Eggbert) and other Epsitec games are now freeware.

Speedy Blupi (or Eggbert, as he was known back then) was one of my childhood heroes! I played the original for hours upon hours on most days of the week. The time was spent not so much in the actual game itself but in the powerful level editor that came with it. In the end I made over 150 missions (and I know because I specifically made one that was simply called "Mission: 150!") and then when I finally got hold of the second Speedy Blupi, I made at least 100 more!

Good times for sure. And then Planet Blupi is a game that I got when I was older but still loved it all the same. I don't use the editor at all and yet, for whatever reason, the game never gets old! It's always fun to play through again and find new strategies to use against the alien robots! That, and the fact that all the little yellow Blupi's are just so darn cute, makes it an endless supply of fun-filled entertainment!

Blupimainia 2 is actually something I purchased recently, having realized that I never got around to playing it. I suppose I should be a littler ticked that it's all available for free now (and I spent money) but I'm glad I bought it because now I have a physical disc to join my collection, as well as a nice little manual with tips on how to play the game. And speaking of the game itself, it's super fun! The puzzles are a bit easy but every so often, I'll admit to scratching my head in bewilderment as to what the answer is. I refuse hints from the game because I'm addicted to the feeling of solving them without any assistance! It feels great!

Yes, sir. Good times have been spent with Blupi. I've loved that little round, yellow fellow for a long time. Now that all (and it really looks like ALL) his games are available for free I find myself inclined just to check out the rest of them
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