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You keep finding my dark secrets... We were just messing around with potential products. Did you see the tote bag? I was really disappointed to find the boxers just get one little picture on the leg (before I found that out I was VERY curious to see just where the picture would go...).

You're free to order any of those products if you like. We make zero profit from them, they're at the base price that cafepress charges. I just never put up a link to it, because it hasn't been planned out or anything, and they're so expensive and stuff. Personally I like how the boxers and caps look with the Sol Hunt logo. Anybody interested in seeing the stuff can check out:

Oops, hit send too soon. Most of those products look so sad with just like a little tiny picture in the middle of a vast expanse of nothing. Anyway, we just whipped them up to mess around, we haven't spent any time coming up with something official. Anybody who wants one of those is welcome to get them though (they'll be collector's items once we replace them with something else!!).

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